supports corporate and governmental security procedures and helps set processes for regulation at all levels through uniquely effective and focused GRC Platform technology, solutions and services.

By specializing in cyber security only, we are able to be more nimble, more comprehensively useful, and more innovative in leading cyber risks that could reduce shareholder value.

We work with companies, legal firms, insurance providers and brokers, and regulators to manage, assess, and report cyber security risks. We don’t do financial analysis; we don’t do your taxes. We just do cyber security.

Our goal: Be the best at what we do—reduce, manage, predict and prevent security risks for corporations.

Integrated Framework Benefits

Policy & Compliance Management

Information Governance

Incident Management

Vendor Management

Risk Management

Business Continuity Management

Integrated Framework Benefits

Policy & Complain management

Information Goverance

Incident Management

Vendor Management

Risk Assessment

Business Continuity Management


CyberOne Security Cloud

The cloud security management platform for cyber security governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). We provide cyber policy, risk, compliance, incident response, vendor, vulnerability, and business continuity management.


Cyber Insurance Management

A solution to provide insurance brokers the platform to manage cyber risk profile, cyber applications, and risk mitigation checks.


Procurement, Vendor, and Contract Risk Management

We provide sourcing requests, vendor onboarding, engagement and contract management services and automation to facilitate entire vendor risk management lifecycle. We help our customer collect risk profiles for vendor onboarding, security questionnaire, and onsite reviews for third party vendors.


Continuous Control Monitoring

We provide integration for automated control checks for compliance and threat analysis. Allow the power of systems integration and our security rules for analytics. By implementing integration specific to your systems, we can provide meaningful cost savings and reporting.

Benefits of Working with CyberOne Security

One central platform to manage, report on and integrate policies, compliance, incidents and regulatory risk compliance. Monitor real-time business unit vulnerabilities, security metrics, threat vectors, and mitigation status quickly and easily.

Simple, effective threat prioritization and alert data aggregation.

Take advantage of our flexible workflow processes to create, edit and review policies and tailor reminder emails to automate and manage risk management tasks.

Highly experienced cyber security specialist to help define and refine your cyber strategies, risk, and mitigations

Gain insight and visibility to risks from our extensive past cyber security assessment database and consistent framework.

Save time and effort by utilizing our Content Library ISO, NIST, FFIEC, FISMA, PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory and best practice content, which also helps you keep up with obligation changes.

Let’s talk today about building a comprehensive strategy for cyber risk management for your company.