Our Integrated Applications:

Policy Management

Manage policies from the CyberOne Security content library and exception requests. Provide mapping to obligations, audit trail and workflow for policy review cycles, and exception requests.

Compliance Management

Manage control ownership, test plans and test results for compliance reporting. Reduce compliance effort with automated testing.

Vendor Management

Manage, mitigate and report on third-party risks. We provide solutions and services to work with your external partners to collect, analyze and report on the risk profile, security controls, and findings. Our solutions enable you to close the risk gaps with critical vendors.

Incident Management

The difference between incident response for security operations and incident management for GRC is the risk analysis. CyberOne Incident Management applications provides a centralized platform for incidents from multiple sources like facilities, IT, cybersecurity, and other business outages. You can related incidents to analyze series of events.

Risk Management

Manage and track risks, likelihood, impact, exposure, and mitigating controls. Report on the inherent and residual risk scores. Integrate risks with findings, incidents and losses to maximize positive risk scores.

Business Continuity Management

Manage business resiliency and recovery risks, impact analysis, and plans in a centralized platform. Business continuity managers can leverage the power of an integrated platform for audit, compliance, disaster recovery, and other emergency management coordination.

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