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Never ask “Now what?”. Effective incident response.

How should you prepare for the inevitable breach or incident? Plato said "in a time of peace, prepare for war" We tend to agree...   Of course, the best risk management program or solution will never make you completely impenetrable. We all know it is a matter of when...

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Marriott Data Breach Impacting 5.3 Million People

Joining recent news on security breaches like Zoom, MGM Grand, and the Carnival Cruise line, is Marriott Hotels. Today, Marriott announced that approximately 5.2 million guest names, personal detail, email, addresses, loyalty accounts, and hotel preferences were...

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10 “more” security tips for working from home

Just recently, I had a conversation with a friend, who works for the U.S. Navy. She is overwhelmed with work as she teleworks from home because of the Covid-19. Her profession can easily be switched to telework, whereas other coworkers can’t, but that is no reason...

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Free COVID-19 Risk Assessment by CyberOne

Let your risk management team help you decide how and when your company ready to resume normal business operations. Get our free assessment and get a readiness report for a proactive way to ensure your business contingency plan ready for the short and long term impact...

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California Law – Office of Information Security Requirements

Below are the published Information Security requirements for California with publishing and enforcement dates. SIMM 5300-B Foundational Framework, published in October 2017 by the State of California Office of Information Security outlines the foundational framework...

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Security-Focused Strategies

On Monday, Microsoft TEAMS app crashed in Europe, driven by an overwhelming number of employees working from home, highlighting the real challenges that companies and employees will face as new work rules go into effect.  Today, we are noticing certain applications...

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