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CyberOne is pleased to provide you with some resources below to help you prepare for and implement CMMC Certification.

Get Certified:

Certification Resources

Useful Information:

CMMC Funding Support for DIBs

CMMC Certification Levels 1-5 explained

CMMC Certification: Where and When to Start

News Resources:

Fedscoop – resource for articles and updates on CMMC, including funding sources, certification steps, and general information.

SmallGoveCon – Legal news for small government contractors

Institutional Resources:

CMMC Main Oversight Body – The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (OUSD) provides regular

CMMC Accreditation Body National Conversation Series. These recorded presentations led by the CMMC Advisory Board

(NDISAC) The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center – For information on CMMC implementation at all levels

(DIBSCC) The defense Industrial Base Sector Coordinating Council

National Contract Management Association: NCMA

(NIST) National Institute for Standards and Technology



SMB’s – Here are some funding sources to support CMMC Certification


Undoubtedly, as a DoD or government contractor, you’re beginning to hear more and more about CMMC Certification. CMMC currently only applies to DoD contractors. The broader security community, however, believes CMMC is the wave of the future and likely to be replicated across multiple Federal Agencies in the not so distant future.

If you are in the SMB category, like so many of us, and holding a Federal contract, either directly or through a Prime, you are likely wondering what your next steps should be? Most importantly, you want to know how much it is going to cost and now and in the future. The first set of good news is that most of us only need achieve Level 1 certification. Certification at this level can be achieved for less than $10,000.

That number may still be a heavy lift for some, particularly in light of our uncertain economy and, of course, COVID. More good news! For companies needing to boost their cybersecurity efforts in response to CMMC, there’s hope. The SBA and DOD have tried to provide assistance, where possible, to small business federal contractors. Your local Procurement Technical Assistance Center might have resources available, too.

If you are a manufacturer, there may also be grants available through MEP’s (Manufacturing Extension Partnership Centers) run through the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).

Finally, the DOD has announced that cybersecurity costs will be an “allowable cost” under DOD contracts, which could allow small business prime contractors the chance to recover some of the associated compliance costs.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of “if’s” “but’s” and maybe’s” when it comes to funding and costs for CMMC. You’re best bet then is to find a company that guarantees certification for the lowest price possible.

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Security-Focused Strategies

On Monday, Microsoft TEAMS app crashed in Europe, driven by an overwhelming number of employees working from home, highlighting the real challenges that companies and employees will face as new work rules go into effect.  Today, we are noticing certain applications being supercharged! Our Salesforce APIs are at lightning speed (pardon the pun!).  

As new guidelines are published almost by the minute to stem the rising tide of COVID-19, one single, unified opinion is that we should avoid unification and ‘stay home’! 

Now is a great opportunity to use these expert guidelines to update your business continuity plans

Many, if not most, corporations have been quick to respond or by now, required by local government to shut down and allow employees to work from home. Bravo! Protect your people first. Here are some of the things to prepare for from a company and employee perspective. 

Checklist for management:

  • CEOs and leaders should be sending communication to customers and employees with their guidance during times of uncertainty for the company. Take care of your people by keeping them informed, safe and define emergency fund allocation
  • Review your telecommuting policy and procedures. Provide flexible work hours to enable employees to find quiet moments to work, and, in the reality of this situation, to give them the time to prioritize family, safety and health
  • Check and implement operation and infrastructure support for remote productivity. This includes software licenses to your critical applications like VPN, Zoom conferencing, GitHub, and Slack services for collaboration and others. Paramount, make sure your security controls are operating to protect from defensive and offensive threats to your logical assets

Checklist for individuals:

  • Review and address your logical and physical workspace obstacles. You may be used to a shared workspace at the office in today’s plug and play world, but sharing a kitchen table with the kids and the cats is an entirely different experience 
  • Talk to your manager to set expectations for your performance measures. Let your manager know what you need to be effective
  • Communicate with your customer and co-workers to offer support and be helpful. Make yourself resourceful. Be helpful. Working remotely may feel isolating. This is normal. Connecting with people globally through different platforms is our new way of life!

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