Updated 11/03/2020

Election day updates for CMMC!

  1.  CMMC in effect as of December 01, 2020. “The [CMMC] rule change goes into effect on December 1 of this year,” Arrington said. “As of December 1, cybersecurity is in all contracts” issued by DoD after that date. Read more here: CMMC December 01 2020 In Contract Implementation
  2. Department of Defense rule imposes new assessment requirements for CMMC implementation: CyberOne article



The CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMCAB) has announced a major milestone in the certification process with its first class of Licensed Partner Publishers (LPP). LPPs provide training and curriculum to support the certification process. The qualifiers to become an accredited LPP are: at least 200 hours of published coursework/curriculum in technology, cybersecurity, auditing or similar content, at least 2 years of publishing history of content in technology, cybersecurity, auditing or similar, and at least 3 suitable client references. In order to become certified, the LPPs must sign the Code of Professional Conduct, sign the LPP License Agreement. Here is a list of the current LPP’s

CyberOne is pleased to provide you with some resources below to help you prepare for and implement CMMC Certification. Approved LPP’s

FOR MORE information on the CMMC ecosystem, please see below or visit: CMMC Resources

  1. LPP – Training for CMMC Certification (similar to Security Awareness Training)
  2.  RPO – Registered Provider Organization’s help deliver CMMC readiness (not certification)
  3.  RP/CP – Registered Practitioner/Certified Practitioner can support RPOs to deliver CMMC readiness
  4. C3PAO – Third-Party Assessor organizations provide Certification

Get Certified:

Certification Resources

Useful Information:

CMMC Funding Support for DIBs

CMMC Certification Levels 1-5 explained

CMMC Certification: Where and When to Start

News Resources:

Fedscoop – resource for articles and updates on CMMC, including funding sources, certification steps, and general information.

SmallGoveCon – Legal news for small government contractors

Institutional Resources:

CMMC Main Oversight Body – The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment (OUSD) provides regular

CMMC Accreditation Body National Conversation Series. These recorded presentations led by the CMMC Advisory Board

(NDISAC) The National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center – For information on CMMC implementation at all levels

(DIBSCC) The defense Industrial Base Sector Coordinating Council

National Contract Management Association: NCMA

(NIST) National Institute for Standards and Technology