Do you need Compliance Certification? Does your soul begin to resemble a spreadsheet? Do you need a GRC tool? Do you think you only need a compliance tool? Do you know the difference?

It’s all about getting the Crown Jewels without paying a Queen’s ransom!

As you launch your search, here’s a quick, totally unbiased, summary of the capabilities you should require from your tool:
  1. Policy Management: Can you write, review, update and communicate policies and connect them to your internal controls and regulatory requirements?
  2. Asset Management: Can you attach controls to specific assets and monitor those assets in your tool?
  3. Control Management: Can you work with multiple regulations and consolidate your internal controls to meet multiple requirements?
  4. Evidence Collection: Can you automate evidence collection and use one piece of evidence to meet many controls?
  5. Control tests: can you validate evidence and create reports that demonstrate validation by control and assets?
  6. Issue Management: Can you create findings from findings, as well as view, prioritize and mitigate findings (corrective actions, issues) form all areas of the business (compliance review, vulnerability scans, vendor review, internal audit, etc.)
  7. Risk Management: Can you define risk metrics and objectives, and cascade risk > threat > issue > incident > controls > assets to understand for a comprehensive understanding of your risk and compliance status and environment?
  8. Data application: Can you take that data and apply it to organizational strategy?

CyberOne is cloud-based GRC automation. We bring governance, compliance, and risk together with purpose. If you are ready to go beyond the checkbox, reach out to CyberOne and we will tell you more.

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