Lately, the term “ransomware” has become part of our common vernacular and a topic for discussion from the coffee shop to the highest echelons of government. Cyberattacks, from simple phishing and scams to complex, state-sponsored ransom and viral attacks are becoming more widespread, sophisticated, and less discriminatory when it comes to their targets. Civilians, corporations, institutions are all in the line of sight and, despite many attackers claiming some level of

Let us support you and automate your SOC 2 Certification process. It’s as easy as one-click and costs as low as $3600/year with no need for expensive consultants.

CyberOne SOC 2 Step by Step Certification Process: (90 days or less to SOC 1 Type 1 and 6-8 Month typical timeframe to SOC 2 Type 2 Certification)

  1. Choose Auditor  – we have direct relationships with auditors who will fit your budget
  2. Define Audit Scope
  3. Control design documentation
  4. Control implementation. Capture up to 6 months audit records.
  5. Internal readiness gap analysis. Fix the gap for the audit
  6. Start the audit. Get audit evidence checklist from auditor
  7. Collect evidence
  8. Document SOC2 Report section 3
  9. Review audit results
  10. Sign audit report & obtain certification