The CyberOne Security Basics

We make it easy to prioritize and align business activities according to your company’s capability maturity level and seek to build long-term business relationships. Our risk-based approach will give you a complete understanding of the organization macro and micro threats. We work collaborative with you and business partners to architecture, plan, design, build, and deploy the “GRC-as-a Service” solution set for managing risks.

We provide risk reporting & analytics from “IT neutral” sources; CyberOne Security can work with any existing infrastructure log and database integrations.

By focusing on cyber security only, we can be more nimble, affordable and easy to work with than other companies that have cyber security as one part of their service offerings.

Our “Hybrid Cloud Technology Architecture” maximizes our ability to work with unlimited devices and IT configurations. This minimizes implementation overhead and time. Our integrated framework enable organizations to consume and only pay for solutions when it is needed and then scale-up gradually.

Let’s talk today about building a comprehensive strategy for risk management for your company.


Let’s talk today about building a comprehensive strategy for cyber risk management for your company.