Software Engineering Director

CyberOne Security is a secure cloud automation & analytic software for data privacy and security regulatory compliance. Our integrated risk framework provides the workflow, template and smart content to lower costs through effective enterprise continuous control monitoring. CyberOne makes it easy to stay in compliance and manage technology, operational, fraud, and business risk.


Job Description

We are looking for a software engineering director who wants to join an early startup company and be a part of one of the fastest growing industries – Cybersecurity.  In this role you are responsible for leading the team and engineering functions. You will fill both a manager and  hands on developer role to building world-class applications for global data privacy and security.  You will lead the planning, design, documentation, test, and deploy security & compliance solutions for the company’s cloud-based platform.

Skills & Experiences

  • Past engineering manager experience
  • Deep understanding and practice for Scrum methodology
  • Cloud infrastructure DevOps automation
  • Understanding of the agile development life cycle
  • Strong technical and business communication skills as you may have interaction with clients and developers
  • Technical experience with
    • Java
    • Javascript
    • React.js
    • HTML5 / CSS
    • Golang
    • SQL
    • AWS Server & Serverless Services
    • AWS Security Services
    • Jenkins
    • Ansible
    • Terraform
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • Github
    • Slack
    • Web hooks
    • JSON / REST APIs


  • Full time only
  • Min 12 months experience with related role
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent
  • Ability to work remotely with reliable internet access and workstation
  • At least 2 references as a manager
  • At least 1 reference as a developer
  • Active engagements with software development communities

How to Apply

If interested, send your resume to