Happy Labor Day folks! 


What’s not to love about a 3-day weekend? Here at CyberOne, we want to make sure you maximize your enjoyment level, relax, and enjoy the weekend knowing that you are practising smart cybersecurity. Here are your (ahem!) “top tips” for keeping safe and secure over the weekend.


Beware of Phishing attacks! Labor Day has high instances of Phishing attacks. We find the best way to avoid this over Labor Day is to switch off your laptop and stick it in a drawer (preferably locked drawer) until Tuesday.

Update your Privacy Settings. While you’re busy shopping, remember, your data is being exposed, so practice good security by checking and verifying your Privacy Settings (practice this monthly, not just on Labor Day)

Carrying multiple shopping bags is considered a low-risk activity. Practice strong physical security by protecting yourself with as many shopping bags as you can carry.

Avoid Third-Party Risk. Be sure to properly onboard your friends and neighbors before allowing them near your BBQ.

Take a pro-active ERM stance. Ensure your ERM strat-plan includes performance metrics for Rest and Relaxation. Take the lead in ensuring high performance in these areas. 

and finally…

There is always some risk, so, in case of an incident--out of ribs, warm beer, no beer–contact support@cb1security.com and we will activate your disaster recovery plan immediately.

Happy Labor Day! Stay safe out there!