Incident Management

Connect every physical, logical & catastrophic event and manage respond plans for reporting.

Analysis is more meaningful with business context

Easy To Map

incidents to impacted controls, at risk targets and vendors.

Easy To Report

incidents impacting the most critical product, function, application & system.

Trusted & Secure

platform for investigation data accepted by regulators.

Use Cases

  • Incident report portal.
  • Map impacted controls.
  • Analyze the incident’s impact and risk.
  • Develop response procedures.
  • Collaboration & reporting for root-cause analysis.

Benefits for CyberOne Incident Management


for every incident root-cause analysis.

Rapid Response

for plans with pre-defined procedures.


for policy & contract violations.

Secured Communication

for effective with workflow and notifications.

Quality Reports

for auditors, investigators & regulators.

How to Get Started

Track Incidents

Analyze & Map Incidents

Real-Time Reporting