Vendor Management

Monitor your third-party relationships with ease. Proactively manage external risks from every vendor in your supply chain.

Scale up supply chain risk coverage

Easy To Detect

supply chain risks from multiple internal & external sources.

Easy To Monitor

every vendor compliance & risks to the business.

Easy to Track Risks

to reduce external exposure with critical vendors faster.

Use Cases

  • Vendor and supplier on boarding.
  • Impact analysis to tier vendors.
  • Customized assessment for vendor risk & compliance.
  • Manage Nth degree of supply chain relationships.
  • Manage vendor performance metrics.
  • Vendor risk reporting.

Benefits for CyberOne Vendor Management

Prioritize Vendors

based on dynamic business scopes, objectives & impacts.

Understand Risks

with business context from multiple levels of interdependencies.

Reduce Exposure

for the entire supply chain with N-level relationships (3rd, 4th, 5th parties…).

Better Reporting

with system integrations to internal & external data sources.

Respond Quickly

to external breaches, incidents, or events that may impact you.

How to Get Started

Setup System Integration

Analyze & Send Vendor Assessments

Evaluate & Track Risk Mitigation Efforts