Automated SSP Preparation for CMMC

How CyberOne can help you build your SSP

If your organization works as a defense contractor, it must assure that it has done its due diligence to comply with all applicable NIST, DFARS, and CMMC compliance requirements.

CyberOne can help by automating documentation collection for CMMC compliance (and multiple other frameworks) through integration or automated notifications and our best-in-class portal.

CyberOne supports global compliance frameworks and security requirements, including FedRAMP, NIST, ISO, COSO, CIS, and more — and provides cross-references to existing documentation you may already have in place to support CMMC mapping.

CyberOne simplifies the self-assessment process by delivering a single, central dashboard to help you visualize your compliance stance, across all applicable frameworks; identifying the gaps in your cybersecurity program, and telling you how to fill them.

CyberOne doesn’t pay for marketing. Our clients do it for us.

Automated compliance and risk management from a single source of truth.

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CMMCAB Latest News



The CMMC Advisory Board has appointed Melanie Kyle Gingrich to lead training and development. Previously, the Senior Vice President of Product Development for Monster Worldwide, she has been charged with training and standing up a CMMC ecosystem of organizations that develop course materials and train assessors as the CMMC Board prepares to roll out its first certifying organizations this summer. Read more here from FCW.

CyberOne Security provides CMMC readiness and continuous monitoring to prepare and support you through the lifecycle of your CMMC certification process. From your 800-171 Self Assessment submission to the SPRS through control implementation, evidence verification, certification with our C3PAO partners, and continuous control monitoring for re-certification, CyberOne provides step-by-step guidance and automation that saves time and provides complete assurance for certification success. Oh, and, most important of all, it’s affordable for all-size organizations.

  1. Control Self Assessment for DFARS CyberSecurity Requirement
  2. CMMC Control Mapping to 800-171
  3. Automated Evidence Collection
  4. Certification Readiness Report
  5. C3PAO connection
  6. Continuous Monitoring post-Certification

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