Lower Audit Costs with a GRC Automation Platform

You can get a free readiness assessment by clicking this link and telling us which frameworks you need (CMMC, SOC 2, ISO, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, all of these and more)

Did you know?

More and more auditors factor the use of a GRC solution into the pricing of an audit. If you are still working in spreadsheets, time is no longer your only enemy. Now and in the future, you will be paying more for that certification as well as wasting precious time. Compliance requirements are holding up the sales pipeline, causing stress, chaos, and general distress across your organization. Are you trying to keep up with evidence collection, control implementation, and managing the inevitable corrective actions that come from (using a spreadsheet) being overloaded, under-resourced, and ill-prepared for your audits? We all know it’s is a fools-errand if your tool has a “green-kiss” icon. We want to help! 

Auditors have figured it out/So has Forbes Magazine!

Auditors have recognized the value of an automation solution to manage the, otherwise arduous, compliance workflow. Compliance requires a lot of repetition, attention to detail and the ability to macro- and micro-manage your people, process and technology. CyberOne will save you time, money, audit penalties (more money) and de-stress you – Forbes magazine agrees!  (cut and paste this into an email to your boss, now!)

CyberOne Cloud-Based Automation

CyberOne’s cloud-based automation solution is widely accepted by audit firms and supports the full compliance lifecycle. We automate evidence collection, risk and finding alerts and risk monitoring. CyberOne also integrates with all your security tools, BitSight, Nexpose, Nessus, Qualys, productivity tools, Jira, Slack, Power BI, ServiceNow, and more.

CyberOne pays for itself in a matter of months.

We start by helping you select an auditor that is right for you and scoping your readiness and requirements.  We also provide all the tools you need to build or scale your compliance program, including readiness assessments, policy templates, control guidance and sample evidence lists. We will take you step by step through your readiness, audit and certification and set you up with continuous monitoring and ongoing automation to ensure success for this audit and the next surveillance audit, and certification, year after year.

You can get a free readiness assessment by clicking this link and telling us which frameworks you need (CMMC, SOC 2, ISO, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, all of these and more)

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CyberOne with Slack for Alerts & Risk Mitigation





CyberOne’s GRC lifecycle Saas platform provides an open API for integration with most modern business systems. If your company is using Slack, you can integrate with CyberOne to manage risk mitigation, send alerts and notifications to slack, create communication channels within your organization and directly with CyberOne Support. See the workflow below for more information or contact us for your demo.

  1. Authenticate to Slack
  2. Create your #1risk channel to communicate directly with CyberOne
  3. Send alerts and notifications from CyberOne to Slack

The CyberOne Security extensible, GRC lifecycle Saas platform is your single source of truth for Policy, Risk, and Compliance management. Built for companies of all sizes, we help automate and integrate your policy, compliance, asset, risk, incident, and business continuity management. Manage all your certifications on CyberOne (SOC 2, ISO 27001, CMMC, PCI, HIPAA) with our cross-referenced framework library with more than 100 global frameworks. CyberOne also provides policy, control, evidence, risk register and assessment templates, and step-by-step training and implementation guides. There’s no more need for costly consultants, or confusing, demoralizing spreadsheets!



Slack API app – CyberOne Risk Workflow Sample

Incoming Webhooks:

Webhook #1. When Finding is created and when user clicks on Send Email Registration, create a message to Slack that say:

Icon: https://fontawesome.com/icons/shield-virus?style=solid

color: #FA7C00

Title: Issue Management

You have a new request. Click on Mitigate Risk if you can resolve the issue by the assigned due date or if you need more time, click on Exception Request to obtain risk approval.

Finding Name – <insert>

Source Type – <insert>

Due Date: <insert>

Primary Contact: <insert>

Finding Description – <insert>

If Yes, (populate finding response = Mitigate Risk and create Risk Mitigation record to associate with Finding)

If No (populate Finding response = Exception Request and Create ER record to associate with Finding)

Sample Slack Integration with CyberOne


CyberOne with Rapid7-Nexpose for Vulnerability Management

CyberOne now offers integration with Nexpose for a full vulnerability management lifecycle

Choose CyberOne for fast easy, affordable integration with Nexpose (Rapid7).

Build your Vulnerability Management program on CyberOne’s modern Saas full suite GRC platform.

Identify, Assess, Report, Remediate, Verify.

Implement controls to prevent recurring issues.

Choose CyberOne with Nexpose for Vulnerability Management. CyberOne is a full suite GRC automation platform offering integrated risk management for teams of all-sizes from 1+. We specialize in the SMB market, companies with up to $500 million annual revenue, and those who aspire to get there! 

Start Now for just $350 per month!